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We are a creative mobile app development agency located in Leeds and London. Call us for either an online or face to face consultation.

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Brilliant mobile apps designed just for your business. 

UX Design

A better mobile experience than a traditional mobile website. No need for wifi or 4g.

Brand & Identity

Promote your brand and identity with referral & loyalty marketing.


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Passion leads to design, design leads to performance, performance leads to success!

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Our dedicated employees are happy to assist you with know-how and experience in your daily business.


Lets talk about the future marketing of your business and how mobile push technology is the only way forward.

Mobile App Development

Design your app so it integrates seemlessly with your existing website and other marketing strategies.


24/7 support helping you will any aspect of mobile marketing.


Big Benefits and High Value Features

Really Really Cool High Value Features – Referral Program


Referral Program

app referral marketing

Reward your customers for referring your business to their friends and colleagues. Easily set up with 2 clicks all you have to decide is what to give and for how many referrals. Maybe a 10% discount for 4 referrals. The referral program gives you the chance to incentivise the person who has been referred to visit your business and get to know you. This can be something like a free product sample, free medical or fitness checkup. Easily set up in one click all you have to do is to decide what to offer as an incentive.

This is the cheapest and best way of acquiring new customers. What value do you place on a customer per year


Loyalty Scheme

app loyalty program

Lots of companies do this so it is nothing new but for me I have lost so many little bits of card that I don’t bother any more as I never get the value but imagine this being digitised and keep on your customers phones. Easy to set up in two clicks and all you have to decide is how many times a customer has to buy before they get a reward and what that reward is.

Keeping your customers coming back increasing the lifetime value of a customer is the most profitable kind of business. And with a mobile app you don’t have to buy the bits of paper and the stamps and frustrate your customers who constantly lose them, like me.



mobile app geo fencing

This is one of the hidden secrets of our mobile apps, Let me explain. this is geographic circle that can be set up in your back offices and it can be as big or as small as you want. for example If you have a cafe in the town centre you can put a ring around your town or around your competitors business so that when any one come in to the town centre or moves close to another cafe your app sends them a message inviting them to call in at your business.

Can you imagine the power of this feature. The value of this feature is priceless in todays marketing world


Push Messaging

mobile app push notifications

Send messages for free to all your app users, promote special offers, early bird offers, functions, events, new services, in fact absolutely anything. Schedule messages for future events or promotions and even send remote messages from anywhere in the world from you phone. Unlimited messaging and all for Free Saving you money and time


Hey, I got an app!


Just having a mobile app has a value for your business. It enhances your reputation, image and brand. Just like it was to have a website in the old days. Stand out from the crowd and let your customers know you can meet their preferred interaction needs.

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